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The Team

Your Dream Web3 Crew
Youniq Labs is a dedicated team of individuals united by a passion for creativity and blockchain technology. Our shared objective is to harness the power of web3 and unite the community to maximize the potential of NFTs, as well as to foster the development of superior opportunities for web3 technology.
Gleb “Sirius” Verbitskyi, CEO & Founder. Primary Youniq Labs Visionary. Actively engaged in the crypto sphere, particularly in exchange operations and NFTs. Twitter: s1riuseth Linkedin: Gleb Verbitskyi
Mike “Gwynplaine” Koff, Managing Partner & Co-Founder. Real-deal trend-chaser, always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge innovations.
Linkedin: Mike Koff
Zaid “Riiix” Kayid, COO & Co-Founder. The “Wizard” of web3. Awesome at building web3 communities and NFT projects, including roadmaps, project missions, and communication procedures.
Twitter: RiiixEth Linkedin: Zaid Kayid
Angela “Dar Lin” Negrey, HRD & Co-Founder. Disciplined and focused, busy building projects 24/7 while traveling between continents.
Twitter: darrl1ne Linkedin: Angela Negrey