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Youniq Labs

Imprinting Creativity
At Youniq Labs, we are passionate believers that the power of community and partnerships can make both web2 and web3 a better place for co-creation.
In our research and development journey, we have connected with leading web3 technology, marketing, and community-building experts. From project founders, engineers, and creative directors to writers who create for Marvel & DC, we have formed a network of like-minded individuals who share our passion for the future of the internet.
However, we understand that the web3 narrative has been marred by projects that have failed to deliver on their promises. That is why Youniq Labs is focused on utilizing before anything, adding value and putting the community as the first and foremost priority in our roadmap.
Our seed funding will be used to pay salaries and consulting fees, as well as to develop our project in a transparent and responsible manner. We understand the importance of partnerships and hype in the web3 space, but we want our community to judge us on our work and promises, not on the strength of the partners. Our founding crew is committed to honesty, organic growth and building a stronger web3 community.
Join us on this journey and become a part of something truly youniq!
The Founders of Youniq Labs.
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