Partners Under Wraps

We envision an aggregation of like-minded individuals in our connections and partnerships, not just in the web3 space but also in the traditional web2 ecosystem.

When establishing our company, we conducted extensive research on trends, communities, marketing, and technology and connected with numerous web3 and future Internet enthusiasts.

These included marketing experts, well-known project founders, engineers behind notable technological projects, and popular podcast hosts. We also met with creative directors, investors, and writers for Marvel and DC. Youniq Labs formed strong relationships and, more importantly, acquired valuable knowledge.

It's essential to us that our partners and advisors align with our vision and goals, and we don't want them to speak on our behalf. We want our results to speak for themselves, so we prefer to keep logos and names under wraps initially.

YOU -the community- will be the judge of our execution. Our team understands that partnerships can create hype and a sense of FOMO, which is not the approach we want to use.

We favor honest and organic growth over short-term gains. At the end of the day, it's not our partners that define us, our work does.

For these reasons, we have chosen to keep our partners a mystery at this stage.

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